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Acapella Maker APK Download – Photo & Video Collage Maker

Download & Install Latest Version of Acapella Maker APK. Photo & Video Collage Maker.

Acapella Maker transforms your photographs and recordings into stunning stories you’ll be eager to share via web-based networking media.

Prepared as a full highlighted video editorial manager, anybody can rapidly make epic showy like movies or recollections for your companions in not more than minutes, all from your cell phone.

The best part is you needn’t bother with any video altering knowledge, PicPlayPost is so instinctive it doesn’t make a difference what age you are, you’ll have a fabulous time making.

Acapella is a definitive music creator. Regardless of whether you’re an artist and you play the piano, guitar, woodwind, drums and so on or love to sing a spread melody or just jam and record music – you can utilize Acapella singing application as a multitrack instrument to make multi outline music recordings.

Look through the find tab to discover skilled craftsman from around the globe to the community with. Offer the multi outline video or download an Apple lossless duplicate of the sound. Look at Acapella’s full highlighted music altering apparatus to help guarantee you produce the most elevated quality sound conceivable.

Acapella Maker Features

– Record melody as long as 10 minutes

– Import a video to enable you to turn into a definitive acapella producer

– Optimize your sound with EQ (music equalizer), the clamor entryway and processor

– Collab with companions by making music together

– Add your logo as a watermark (png, jpeg)

– Pan sound left or right

– Built-in metronome is an absolute necessity have for a music maker

– Share the video with CD quality sound

– Download Apple lossless (ALAC) sound document or m4a.

– Listen to your melodies from iTunes library to enable you to record tunes

– Create a playlist you can tune in to in a hurry

– Share to most loved social stages like Mixcord, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth…

Acapella Maker APK Download Screenshots


Acapella Maker APK Download - Photo & Video Collage Maker

Acapella Maker APK Download - Photo & Video Collage Maker


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