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Adobe After Effects CC Review

My videos always lacked a professional touch while using various video editing software which I wouldn’t name here. However, on the recommendation of a friend, I got Adobe After Effects CC and this was one of the decisions I wouldn’t ever regret being a content creator. This video editing software by Adobe opens up an interface where you can start as a beginner and while the interface explains itself so brilliantly, you would end up becoming a professional and of course, with some necessary guidance. How it does the job so well? We shall discuss that in this Adobe After Effects CC Review.

Adobe After Effects CC mainly provides a professional interface where you can create a lot of graphical content, visual effects, and animations which helps you greatly as a content creator. Using these additional tools, you send messages out in the world using your content which would be pretty overwhelming and exciting for your fans. Though the quality is up to your work, the viewers would definitely appreciate the professional touch which the After Effects give to your content.

Adobe After Effects CC Features:

Starting from the basic, the Adobe After Effects CC allows you to create cinematic intros using the new fonts, titles, and transition which are only exclusive for this software. The stuff which you are unable to capture with your camera or recorder can now be created using the tools on the software. This even includes the animated stuff which requires to have some professional guidance at first. Unlike tools like Photoshop, the graphics you can create are now in motion and doesn’t matter which character it is that you require, you can develop that in its user-friendly interface.

Adobe After Effects CC mainly focuses on the better visual effects creation. This goes ideally both for the new content creators and the professionals who have higher creativity requirements. For instance, if you are trying to do a big green screen project, it is this software which would provide you the best interface for perfect background editing. There are thousands of templates which save you the trouble of manual work.

As far as the new transition and effects are concerned, you can download thousands of them from the Adobe Libraries depending on your requirement. This saves you the trouble of preloaded useless ones which are mostly of no use and are only consuming the space up on your computer. Adobe After Effects CC is just the right software for designers, animators, and compositors working in different fields such as the web, TV, and YouTube videos.

Instead of creating the below-standard avatars which most people despise, you can now use Adobe After Effects CC to create the most professionals ones and let people recognize you with the ideal animated version of you on the internet.

Adobe After Effects CC Cons:

Being a premium thing, this software by Adobe also follows the same trend of expensive content charging and if you want to consider, this is probably the con which is justified to be mentioned here. Otherwise, in terms of content creation and especially visual effects and motion graphics, there are none like Adobe After Effects CC.

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