Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 v22.1.0.312

Download and get the top best vector graphics application to lets you create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for print, web, video, and mobile purpose. Worldwide millions of designers and artists use Adobe Illustrator CC to create everything from web icons and product packaging to book illustrations and billboards.

Iconic Work at any Size

In Adobe Illustrator CC you can get all the drawing tools you need to turn your set of simple shapes and colors into amazing and sophisticated logos, icons, and graphics. Adobe Illustrator CC’s artwork is vector-based, so it can scale down to as small as for mobile screens and up to as large as to use in billboards by evenly maintaining its beauty and crispy look.

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Gorgeous Typography That Says It All

Incorporate a company name into a logo, create a flyer, or mock up a website design with the best type tools out there. Add effects, manage styles, and edit individual characters to create typographic designs that perfectly express your messages.

Draw Attention Everywhere

Create freehand drawings, or trace and re-color imported photos to turn them into works of art. Use your illustrations anywhere, including printed pieces, presentations, websites, blogs, and social media.

New Features :

See On-Screen Controls Clearly

In this version you can now increase the size of anchor points, handles, and bounding boxes making them even easier to work with.

Merge Data Using CSV Files

In this new version it is easier than ever before to merge data in the Variables Panel now that you can use CSV or XML files.

Import Multiple Page PDFs

In this new release you can save time when you import all the pages of a PDF all at once. You can choose a page range or select individual pages.

Dropbox Smart Sync Improvements

Thanks to the Dropbox Smart Sync Improvements in this new version you can now browse your Dropbox files without inadvertently downloading them.

Properties Panel

In this new version you can work faster with the help of Properties Panel by access to all your controls in one place. The new and intelligent Properties Panel shows you only the controls you need, when you need them.

Puppet Warp

In this new version you can easily transform your vector graphics while maintaining a natural look. Puppet Warp, powered by Adobe Sensei, lets you quickly create or modify a graphic without having to adjust individual paths or anchor points.

More Artboards

This new version of Illustrator now lets you create up to 1,000 artboards on a single canvas so you can work with more content in each document.

Stylistic Sets

In this new version you can apply predefined glyph alternates to an entire block of text without having to individually select and change each glyph.

Easier Artboard Organization

In this new version of Illustrator you can now select multiple artboards at one time, and you can align and organize them automatically on your canvas amazingly in just a click. Objects locked to an artboard now move with it.

SVG Color Fonts

In this new version you can now design with fonts that include multiple colors, gradients, and transparencies thanks to support for SVG OpenType fonts.

Variable Fonts

This new Illustrator supports OpenType variable fonts, so you can modify a font’s weight, width, and other attributes to create your own style — while the best part is that you can still maintain fidelity to the original design.

Macbook Pro Touch Bar Support

It is great to hear that this new Illustrator had Macbook Pro Touch Bar Support to get instant access to core tools right when you need them on the contextual MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

Text Management In Creative Cloud Libraries

Libraries in Illustrator now support text, so you can store and access the passages you use most — like taglines, brand marketing descriptions, and other placeholder copy. Plus, share text between Illustrator and Adobe InDesign CC libraries.

Easier Image Cropping

Crop bitmap images directly within Illustrator to discard excess parts, reduce file size, and improve performance. That means no need to use clipping masks or edit the image in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Faster Document Creation

To improve speed and performance, the Start screen for creating new documents now loads even faster than before.

Redesigned Color Theme Panel

Create, explore, save, and retrieve color themes across applications with the new Color Theme panel. Now you can explore popular themes and get help perfecting color choices.

Stability Enhancements

You asked, we listened. We’ve fixed top Illustrator issues and improved stability.

Pixel-Perfect Artwork Creation

Draw paths and shapes that seamlessly align to the pixel grid. Align existing artwork with a single click or by using simple transformations. Preserve Live Shapes and rounded corners, maintain alignment when scaling and rotating objects, and manually nudge segments and end points into perfect alignment.

Faster Font Searching

Mark individual fonts as favorites to quickly find the one you need. Filter your list to see fonts you’ve recently used, find other fonts that are similar to one you like, or find fonts based on classifications like serif or handwritten.

Easier Use of glyphs

Use alternate glyphs for any character by simply selecting the character and choosing from an in-context menu. View and insert your most recently used glyphs, and sort glyphs for faster browsing.

Quicker Start to Your Designs

Jump-start design projects with easy access to presets as well as free Adobe Stock templates that you can access right from the File > New menu.

Adobe Stock Templates And Search

Adobe Stock includes new design templates, and now you can drag and drop Adobe Stock search results from your Libraries panel right into your canvas to start using right away. Plus, you can right-click on a stock image to do a visual search for similar images.

New Creative Cloud Libraries capabilities

Libraries in Illustrator now support Adobe Stock templates. Plus, Send Link has been updated so you can now share read-only access to a public library. When you follow a library, it appears in your Libraries panel and updates automatically.

Creative Cloud Assets improvements

Archive and restore all your assets stored in Creative Cloud, including the ones in your Creative Cloud Libraries, assets created with your desktop products, and mobile projects.

Introducing Typekit Marketplace

Now you can buy fonts from some of the industry’s biggest names and use them in your Illustrator projects. Adobe Typekit uses its font sync and web technologies to deliver your Marketplace fonts anywhere you need them.

Font And Text Enhancements

See a live preview by hovering over the font list with selected text, place loaded text inside a container, or fill a container with placeholder text to better visualize your designs. Easily work with type objects that have a common font family but different styles, and vice-versa.

Zoom To Selection

View and edit faster now that you can zoom into anything you’ve selected — an active point, a segment, a path, or an object.

Modern User Experience

A flat UI and new icons for tools and panels offer a cleaner look and help you focus on your artwork.

Adobe Stock Search Inside Illustrator

Access millions of high-quality Adobe Stock illustrations, vectors, and photos to use in your designs right from the search field in Illustrator. Your results will appear instantly on the Adobe Stock website.

Better Collaboration With Libraries

Control assets in read-only Creative Cloud Libraries so they can be used by team members, but not changed or deleted.

Updated Libraries Panel

Find the assets you need faster with a larger Libraries panel, new filtered search of Adobe Stock, and icons that make it easy to identify licensed Adobe Stock assets.

Improved Adobe Stock Integration

License Adobe Stock assets directly in Illustrator via the Libraries and Links panels. And when browsing assets on the Adobe Stock website, open assets directly in Illustrator.

Fast Export Of Assets And Artboards

Select individual assets from one or more artboards, or choose entire artboards, and click once to export them to multiple sizes, resolutions, and formats perfect for screen, web, and icon workflows.

And So Much More

Also includes: Faster launch times, Keyboard shortcuts and greater stability.

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