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Blender Review: Download Free and Open 3D Creation Software 2019

Blender has come a long way of users popularity ever since the time it has been launched.  It is slick and has been set with interesting intuitive UI and quite a few cool features. It normally takes upon the unusual set of the approaches to the layout where one menu is present on the bottom panel. The interface of the software is much nice and readable.

Blender has been put together with some exciting new filters and lighting effects. There are so many features related to the exploring and add the pleasant experience in working well.


  • It is free to download.
  • It has exciting intuitive


  • It is complex to use for the beginners.

Blender in simple would be letting you to create away the complete professional grade level of animations and 3D set of models too. You can make it happen through the friendly interface settings being equipped with greater number of tools. In its major features package, it is packed with options for 3D Unwrapping, Shading, as well as Physics and Particles, Real Time 3D/Game Creation, and much more. Tools are part of it for the 2D and 3D procedural brushes, Edge Rendering, plus the Collision Simulation, and Edge Rendering. As you will import something, you will view that so many different 2D and 3D file formats are supported.

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