Command & Conquer Generals Game Trainer v 1.5 +13

Like the other games of this series, Command & Conquer Generals is also a strategy based video game. In this game, the players try to train units, construct bases, and obtain resources to fund them. And then defeat their enemies by removing their armies and bases. This game offers various types of units for training. Not only this, a broad option of transporting is also available in this game from foot soldiers to ground vehicles and from a helicopter to aircraft. Every feature of the game focuses its specific roles. When we talk about the armies and base, each base structures divide into unit production, defensive countermeasures and support facilities.

Command & Conquer Generals Features:

  1. The United States army features with the collection of high tech military equipment. It includes from the laser-armed Paladin tank to the Supersonic Aurora Strike Bomber.
  2. The Chinese Army comprises of a large number of overwhelming arm force. They use the hordes of troops and massive Overlord Tank to achieve the victory.
  3. Global Liberation Army consists of small scale units, such as and terrorist tactics or Rocket Buggies. The features include car suicide bombers, large Angry Mobs and hijackings, to defeat its enemies.
  4. civilian structures

Command & Conquer Generals v.1.05 +12 trainer

During playing the Command & Conquer Generals game, you can use one of the following keys. Otherwise, you may use the [ALT] + [TAB] in order to switch on the trainer window. After switching on the trainers, use the suitable button:

Key Function
KEY M Infinite amount of money
KEY P Infinite amount of energy or power
KEY L Instant fifth level experiences which add 5000xp
KEY G  Infinite number of General Points
KEY U  Instant build units and improvements.
KEY (B) Instant construct buildings
KEY S Makeable to use special weapons, such as nuclear missile fuel, bombs, etc.

And: Unlimited numbers of ammunition in terms of aeroplanes, aircraft: helicopters, etc.

The essential instructions for running Command & Conquer Generals

Do not forget to follow the given instruction while running the trainers of Command & Conquer Generals:

  1. If you want to unpack the file after downloading, please enter the following trainer.
  2. We recommend using 7-Zip software for unpacking the files.
  3. Run the trainer, but before running it disconnect your internet
  4. Then reconnect the internet and run the game.

Command & Conquer Generals Game Trainer v 1.5 +13