Company of Heroes 2 Game Trainer v4.0.0.23028 +7

Are you looking for the best real-time strategy video game? You should try Company of Heroes 2. The game has multiplayer option and is the sequel game to the Company of Heroes series of 2006. It settled by Relic Entertainment. However, it initially published by Sega and Feral Interactive for OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. The story of the game sets with the beginning of World War II and mostly focused on the Eastern Front. In this game, the players fight in support of Eastern Front throughout the different stages of the Operation Barbarossa and the Battle of Berlin. The player controls the side of the Soviet’s Red Army.

Company of Heroes 2 Features:

  1. Unlimited Health
  2. Unlimited Gold / Money
  3. Unlimited Stamina
  4. Unlimited Cheat Codes
  5. Super Accuracy Super Boost
  6. God Mode
  7. Undo Teleport
  8. One Hit Kill
  9. Teleport
  10. Rapid Fire
  11. No Reload
  12. Easy to Use Trainer
  13. Unlimited Manpower, Fuel, Ammo
  14. Command Points
  15. Reset Population
  16. Cut Enemy Supply Lines
  17. Instant Troops
  18. Instant Buildings
  19. Weaken/ Heal/ Super Selected Unit
  20. Super Heal/ Weaken/ Selected Building
  21. No Command Cooldowns

Company of Heroes 2 v4.0.0.23028 +7 Trainer  key

While playing the Company of Heroes 2, you may use the following trainers:

Key Function
Key F1: Activate trainer
Key F2: Infinite healthy
Key F3: Infinite human resources
Key F4: Infinite fuel
Key F5: Infinite ammo
Key F6: Infinite points command
Key F7: Disable limit population
Key F8: Immediate renewal of skills

Instructions to use trainer of Company of Heroes 2

Follow the below instructions to run the trainer of Company of Heroes 2:

  1. You must have the required Game Setup in your system for the Master Collection of Company of Heroes 2.
  2. Make sure the game is already running smooth and light in your PC.
  3. First extract the zip file of archive and disconnect your connection.
  4. Try one the given trainer that perfectly matches with your PC setup.
  5. Reconnect the connection and run the game.

Company of Heroes 2 Game Trainer v4.0.0.23028 +7