Crusader Kings III Game Trainer v1.5 +15

Crusader Kings III is one of the popular roles playing grand strategy game that ever made. Paradox Development Studio developed a new sequel to the 2004 Crusader Kings and the 2012 Crusader Kings II. It first announced in October 2019 during the PDXCon 2019. However, it released on 1st September 2020.This game set in the Middle Ages. Now make a long legacy of historical role-playing grand strategy experiences while playing this game.

Crusader Kings III Features:

  1. Set Prestige
  2. Set Money
  3. Set Renown
  4. Set Piety
  5. Set Dread
  6. Set Diplomacy
  7. Set Stewardship
  8. Set Martial
  9. Set Intrigue
  10. Set Learning
  11. Set King Age
  12. Set Prowess
  13. Instant Construction
  14. Freeze Time
  15. Max County Control
  16. Instant Movement
  17. Enable Console

Crusader Kings III Game Trainer v1.5 +15 Key

You can take advantages of the following keys while playing the game:

Key Function
Key Num 1 Edit Health
Key Num 2 Edit Gold
Key Num 3 Edit Prestige
Key Num 4 Max Level of Fame
Key Num 5 Edit Piety
Key Num 6 Max Level of Devotion
Key Num 7 Edit Renown
Key Num 8 Max Level of Splendor
Key Num 9 Edit Dread
Key Num 0 Edit Stress

Used to Edit Selected Character Stats

Key Function
Key Ctrl + Num 1 Diplomacy
Key Ctrl + Num 2 Martial
Key Ctrl + Num 3 Stewardship
Key Ctrl + Num 4 Intrigue
Key Ctrl + Num 5 Learning
Key Ctrl + Num 6 Prowess

Instruction for the running the trainer for Crusader Kings III

Please follow the below instructions to run the trainer and to play the game:

  1. Try one of the provided Trainers for this game.
  2. Extract the file from the archive.
  3. Make sure your pc does not has a connection.
  4. Install the trainer.
  5. Reconnect the internet connection after installation.
  6. Run the game.
  7. You can edit the selected character stats.
  8. Adjust the final stats by the character’s traits.
  9. Play the game.

Crusader Kings III Game Trainer v1.5 +15