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Cyrobo Secure File Deleter Pro v6.0

Cyrobo Secure File Deleter Pro

Secure File Deleter allows you to completely and securely delete selected files from your system via an extremely
user-friendly UI.As you know, when you delete a file or folder it’s still possible to recover it, even when placed in the
recycle bin.Secure File Deleter aims to prevent recovery of those deleted files by replacing the contents with random
data. You are given the choice of many security algorithms for data destruction. The program can write acombination
of ones and zeroes onto each sector of your hard drive, or any other characters.

Whats New:

Today we’re introducing completely new release (major upgrade) of the program. There are few big changes:
1. The program has a new look and style, but don’t worry, you will recognize all features of our previous version.
2. All codes were re-written from scratch.
3. Interface was made to be more friendly for user.
4. Added new framework, which is common set of features for all our programs.

How to Use?

  1. Download & Install
  2. Crack with the cracking material
  3. done Enjoy 

Cyrobo Secure File Deleter Pro Screensho

Download Links (2.0MB)

Download Cyrobo Secure File Deleter Pro + Crack / Link 2

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