DIVINITY ORIGINAL SIN 2 Game Trainer v3.6 +22

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of the best role-playing-game of 2016. Not only this, but it also considers as an early-access game on Steam. It released in September 2016. The plot of the game set in a new world that makes the player a unique experience. It goes back you to a well-known Divinity world that developed by Belgian developer Larian Studios. The dignified universe of Divinity: Original Sin 2 offers you to discover a new world. It is full of dangers and adventures. However, you can easily defeat all your enemies and improve your level up incredibly faster than ever before using our Mega Trainer 2016.


  1. Infinite Health
  2. Unlimited AP
  3. Unlimited Source Points
  4. One Hit Kills
  5. Change Attribute Points
  6. Change Battle Ability Points
  7. Change Civil Ability Points
  8. Change Talent Points
  9. Change Chosen Item Quantity
  10. No Ability Cooldown
  11. Over 137 Editor

Divinity: Original Sin 2 -v3.6 Trainer key

During playing the Divinity: Original Sin 2, you can take advantage of the following keys:

Key Function
Key Num 1: Infinite Health
Key Num 2: Infinite Armor
Key Num 3: Infinite Action Points
Key Num 4: Infinite Source Points
Key Num 5 Skills No Cooldown
Key Num 6: No Overweight
Key Num 7: Max Attitude
Key Num 8: Super Speed
Key Num 9: Drain Enemies’ Armor
Key Num 0: One Hit Kill
Key Ctrl + Num 1: Infinite Gold
Key Ctrl + Num 2: Infinite Experience
Key Ctrl + Num 3: Super Stats/Attributes
Key Ctrl + Num 4: Infinite Potions
Key Ctrl + Num 5: Infinite Skill Books
Key Ctrl + Num 6: Infinite Scrolls
Key Ctrl + Num 7: Infinite Lock Picks
Key Ctrl + Num 8: Infinite Identifying Glasses
Key Ctrl + Num 9: Infinite Attribute Points
Key Ctrl + Num 0: Infinite Combat Skill Points
Key Ctrl + Num . (Dot): Infinite Civil Skill Points
Key Ctrl + Num + (Plus): Infinite Talent Points

Instruction for using the trainer of Divinity: Original Sin 2

Please follow the given instructions while playing the game:

  1. “Skills No Cooldown” will work before using skills, and it will not activate on skills that are at this time in cooldown.
  2. In the “No Overweight” option, the overburdened status will not affect even if your weight goes above the limit.
  3. If you are already in overburdened status before using this option, you will have to alter the listed weight either by picking up or dropping some object to take out the overburdened effect.
  4. “Super Stats/ Attributes” works when you rise any attributes, and all of them either need to set at 499 stats or above.
  5. “Infinite Civil Skill Points”, “Infinite Combat Skill Points”, and “Infinite Talent Points” only works when the player use these points.

DIVINITY ORIGINAL SIN 2 Game Trainer v3.6 +22