Dragon Age Inquisition Game Trainer v11.3 +18

Explore an exciting world of rugged unfaithful labyrinths, wilderness, and impressive cities, enter into the Thedas. The Dragon Age is an era of violent battle, conflicting nations, and several secret magics. In short, the destiny of this era stagger on the edge of a knife. Thedas is southern hemisphere content, needs a hero to stabilize the fate of Dragon Age universe. He should be pretty much brave who never seen before. Furnace a courageous leadership to dare an immense storm. Now, you have a chance to become the hero of this exciting world and lighten the inspiration of faith in the darkest moments of the era.

Dragon Age Inquisition Features:

  1. Unlimited Health
  2. Unlimited Focus
  3. Unlimited Barrier
  4. No Skill Cooldown
  5. Unlimited Mana
  6. PowerPoints
  7. Influence
  8. Inquisition Perks
  9. Unlimited Influence
  10. Unlimited PowerPoints
  11. Unlimited Inquisition Perks
  12. Unlimited Potions & Crafting Items
  13. Unlimited Gold
  14. Carry Weight
  15. Unlimited Carry Weight
  16. One-Hit Kills
  17. Get Values

Dragon Age: Inquisition +18 TRAINER UPDATE 10 Key


While playing the game, you can take advantage of the following keys:

Key Function
Key Numpad 1: Unlimited health
Key Numpad 2: Unlimited Mana
Key Numpad 3: Unlimited focus
Key Numpad 4: Unlimited barrier
Key Numpad 5: Unlimited experience
Key Numpad 6: Unlimited upgrade points
Key Numpad 7: Unlimited gold
Key Numpad 8: Unlimited potion
Key Numpad 9: No cooldown
Key Numpad 0: Infinite capacity
Key Ctrl+Numpad 1: Unlimited energy
Key Ctrl+Numpad 2: Unlimited perks
Key Ctrl+Numpad 3: Unlimited impact
Key Ctrl+Numpad 0: Kill with one hit
Key Numpad . (Dot)/ – (Minus)/ + (Plus): save position/ teleport/ cancel deportation, respectively
Key Page Up: Teleport to the user point
Key Page Down: Super speed
Key F1/ F2/ F3/ F4: Set multiplier gold
Home Key: Cancel all

Instruction for using the trainer of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Please follow the below instruction while using the game trainers:

  1. Ensure that you have the required system set up for this trainer.
  2. Enter one of the given trainers.
  3. Unzip the contents of the archive.
  4. Disconnect the internet connection from your system.
  5. Install the trainer.
  6. Reconnect the internet connection to your system.
  7. Finally, run the game. It may not work at the first attempt but later will run smoothly.

Dragon Age Inquisition Game Trainer v11.3 +18