Dying Light The Following Game Trainer v1.16.0 +36

Make an ironic experience of an open world with the first-person survival horror game, Dying Light: The Following. It is one of the popular video game. The game developed and published by Techland, and Warner Bros, respectively. It first released on 9th February 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Linux, and Xbox One.

Dying Light The Following Features:

  1. Fast Grappling Hook Reset
  2. Add, Outsider and Driver Legend Level
  3. Super Vehicle
  4. Remove Level Requirement at Shops
  5. Easy Kills and Crafting – No Components Needed
  6. Teleport to Waypoint
  7. Mega Inventory, Backpack, and Ammo
  8. No Reload, Strike and Zombie Grab
  9. Unlimited Items/ Throwables, Durability, Health, Stamina, Sprint
  10. Antivirus Beacon
  11. Freeze Zombies and Challenge Timers
  12. Float Mode
  13. Add Cash
  14. Survivor, Outsider, Driver, Legend, Agility and Power Max Level XP
  15. Increase/ Decrease Time of Day
  16. Add Survivor, Agility and Power Level
  17. Reset Stats

Dying Light: The Following v1.16.0 +36 Trainer 

Use the following key to play the game:

Key Function
Home: Activate the trainer
Numpad 0: Immortality
NUMPAD 1: Unlimited Stamina
Num 3: Unlimited ammo
NUMPAD 4: Unlimited strength weapons
NUMPAD 5: Weapon accuracy
Num 6: Turn off the recoil
Numpad 7: Fast-firing weapons
NUMPAD 8: Unlimited items
Numpad 9: Unlimited items to cast
Numpad / (Slash): Unlimited medkits
Num * (Star): Unlimited picks
Numpad – (Minus): Picks do not break up
NUMPAD + (Plus): Unlimited battery Lantern
Num . (Dot): Hook does not require reloading
Ctrl + Numpad 0: Stealth mode
Ctrl + NUMPAD 1: Invisibility
Ctrl + NUMPAD 2: Super jump
Ctrl + Num 3: Superspeed gear
Ctrl + Num 4: Standard jump and speed
Ctrl + NUMPAD 5: Unlimited strength of vehicles
Ctrl + Num 6: Unlimited fuel in vehicles
Ctrl + Num 7: Unlimited fuel recovered fire
Ctrl + Num 8 – Unlimited battery instrument
Ctrl + Num 9: All the zombies die
F1: Set time 7:00
F2: Set time 12:00
F3: Set time 21:00
F4: Set time 0:00
F5: Additional 1000 experience points
F6: Additional 2000 experience points
F7: Additional 3000 experience points
F8: Additional 4000 experience points
F9: Additional 5000 experience points

Instruction for using the trainer of Dying Light: The Following

Follow the below instruction while using the trainers of the game:

  1. Make sure you have a minimum set up for this trainer.
  2. Use any of the given trainers.
  3. Unzip the file contents of the archive.
  4. Disconnect the internet connection first.
  5. Install the trainer.
  6. Connect the internet connection again.
  7. In the last, run the game.

Dying Light The Following Game Trainer v1.16.0 +36