Elite Dangerous Game Trainer 2021

Explore a new world across an enormous expanse of our Milky Way. Fight bravely for the full-scale recreation of Milky Way in the 34th century. At that time, the interstellar conflict break open between the galactic superpowers and fight proxy wars. You can experience how to start a great war with a handful of credits or a small starship. Now, earn the best skills, wealth, knowledge, and power to take a heroic position among the iconic Elite.

Take flight against the Elite Dangerous and make the experience of a starship commander in the 34th century’s dangerous galaxy. You can also reconstruct the massively Milky Way with your friends using a handful of credits and a small starship. It will rank you among the iconic Elite.

Elite Dangerous Features:

  1. Termic signature
  2. Fuel use for an actual speed
  3. Fuel gage and its reserves
  4. Mass Lock
  5. Undercarriage Option
  6. Cargo rack
  7. Cooling FSD

Elite: Dangerous Game Guide Key

For Targeting:
Key Function
Key T: Target the object in front of you
Key G: Next target
Key H: Select the most threatening target
Key Y: Select another sub-system of the targeted object
For Weaponry:
Key Function
Left Click: Basic gunfire
Right Click: Additional gunfire
Key N: Change the group of Weaponry.
Key M: Release/ Retrieve the hardpoints.
For Cooling
Key Function
Delete Key: Silent flight
Key V: Release the radiator
Others Keys
Key Function
Insert Key: Lights On/ Off
Page Up Key: Increase the range of sensors
Page Down Key: Decrease the range of sensors
Up Key: Power on the engines
Right Key: Power on the Weaponry
Left Key: Power on the systems (such as shields etc.)
Down Key: Equal power distribution
F12:  Rest the Occulus Rift.
Home Key: Release/ Retrieve the cargo rack.
End Key: Eject the cargo.
Key L: Slide out/ hide the undercarriage
Mode Switches
Key Function
Shift Key: Focus the interface
Key 1: Target Panel
Key P: Pause
Key 4: System Panel
Key 3: Sensors Panel
Enter Key: Quick communication
Key Z: Communication Panel
For Interface Mode:
Key Function
Key W: Interface Panel Up
Key S: Interface Panel down
Key A: Interface Panel left
Key D: Interface Panel right
Space Key: Select the highlighted button object
Key E: Next bookmark in the panel
Key Q: Previous bookmark in the panel
For the Galaxy map:
Key Function
Key T: Turn the map up
Key G: Turn the map down
Key Q: Turn the map left
Key E: Turn the map right
Key W: Map forward
Key S: Map backwards
Key A: Map left
Key D: Map right
Key R: Map up
Key F: Map down
Key Z: Zoom in
Key X: Zoom out

Elite Dangerous Game Trainer 2021