Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Trainer v1.3 +8 [2021]

You have a great chance to become a real truck driver by playing Truck Simulator 2 video. This game has countless customization options to feature licensed trucks. You can make an exciting experience of an advanced driving physics. So put yourself in a spot of the most prevalent truck driving trainer on all time. This game features a number of landmarks that make you able to precisely rebuild the territories in order to create a decisive experience. Make a feeling of driving the trucks in real life! But keep in mind – Euro Truck Simulator 2 also train you to build and grow your own transportation business. The game is also concern about the economy of the player. The opportunities in this game are endless! Make an unparalleled driving experience while playing the game as the truck delivers.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Editor Options

  1. Misc: Money
  2. Misc: EXP

Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.33.2.19s +8 Trainer (promo) Key

Key Function
NumPad 1: No Damage (except for wheels)
NumPad 2: No Sleep
NumPad 3: Infinite Fuel
NumPad 4: Change Money By 50000
NumPad 5: Unlimited Skill Points
NumPad 6: Change EXP By 5000
NumPad 7: Super Speed

Instructions for the trainer of game

  1. When you have an active truck, it will have no damage. No damage option does not take effect for wheels! They can get damage then.
  2. To get more money, you must be on the road and press hotkey to work this.
  3. You can display and then close your EXP progress screen. After that, you will be back to your home screen. If you want to see the changes in your progress, press hotkey and display your EXP screen again.
  4. Your system should have the minimum set up.
  5. Extract the file of the archive.
  6. First, run the trainer after disconnecting the internet.
  7. After that, run the game before reconnecting the internet.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Trainer v1.3 +8 [2021]