Factorio Game Trainer v0.10.6 +10

Factorio is a building, construction and management simulation video game. You can experience building automated factories. Produce several items of increasing complexity. Now, enter into an infinite 2D world to construct the modern building with advanced infrastructure. Use your imagination and creativity to project the new design of the factory. Association simple elements into a resourceful structure, and after creating protect them from natural disasters and different creatures who are not really like you.

The game publicized in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, held in 2013. However, it was first released after the seven years of its announcement on 14 August 2020 for macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. The game developer and publisher by Wube Software LTD.

Factorio Features:

  1. One Hit Kill Enemies
  2. Steam Achievements are allowed
  3. Get Pointers
  4. Entity Stuff
  5. Movement Speed
  6. Mining Speed Modifier
  7. Inventory Bonus
  8. Crafting Speed
  9. Set, change and add Inventory Size
  10. Added Reach, Resource reach, Loot pickup, Item pickup, Item drop and Build distance
  11. Update Inventory Size/ Set Own
  12. Teleport to Cursor
  13. Teleport Activation
  14. Reveal All Recipes
  15. No clip and Crafting Requirement
  16. Change Surface Activate Me First
  17. Research Stuff
  18. Unlock & Reset All Technologies
  19. Immortality
  20. Fast search and kill
  21. Infinite Health, Vehicle Health, Durability, Objects, Zoom, and Reaching Distance.

Factorio – v0.10.6 +10 Trainer Key

You can take advantages of the following keys while playing the game:

Key Function
NUM 1: Infinite Health Player
NUM 2: Infinite Ammo
NUM 3: Infinite Clip/ Item 99
NUM 4: One Hit Kill
NUM 5: Fast Research
NUM 6: Fast purchase
NUM 7: Fast Drill
NUM 8: Infinite Fuel Drill
NUM 9: Infinite Resource Field
NUM + (Plus): Spawn Item 99

Instructions for running the trainers of Factorio

Please keep the below instructions in your mind when you try to use the trainers of the game:

  1. Your system should have the minimum set up for the selected trainer.
  2. Enter any of the given trainer passwords.
  3. Extract the file of the archive.
  4. First, disconnect the internet and then run the trainer.
  5. After that, run the game after reconnecting the internet.

Factorio Game Trainer v0.10.6 +10