Far Cry 3 Game Trainer v1.05 +25

Now make a superb experience of an open-world shooter set with a first-person video game, Far Cry 3. This game set on a beautiful island, unlike the other traditional set. You go through a board on a frantic quest to rescue your companions. Here, you will find that the only way to escape from this obscurity is to grip it.

You will step into the shoes of Jason Brody. He is a brave man who stands alone at the edge of the world. Try his level best to survive on a mysterious tropical island. In this violent heaven, strength and lawlessness are the only sue facts. The players fight to the enemies they make their way to get rid of this violence.

Far Cry 3 Features:

  1. One Hit Kills
  2. Infinite Health, Stamina, Breath, Armor, Item Timer, and Vehicle Health
  3. No Reload, Spread and Recoil
  4. Unlimited Ammo, Throwables and Syringe
  5. Perfect Precision
  6. Change Money, EXP and Skill Points
  7. Stealth Mode
  8. Unlock Weapon Slots
  9. Mega Backpack Slots
  10. Look Enemies/ Animals through Objects
  11. Set Time of Day
  12. SuperSpeed, Jump, and Swimming Speed
  13. Save/Load Position (Teleport)
  14. Teleport to Waypoint
  15. Teleport to Shop
  16. Set Weather to Rain
  17. +8 Editor

Far Cry 3 – v1.05 +25 Trainer

Please follow the below key while playing the game:

Key Function
KEY NUMPAD 1: Immortality
KEY NUMPAD 2: Super condition
KEY NUMPAD 3: Unlimited money supplies
KEY NUMPAD 4: Infinite number of experience points
KEY NUMPAD 5: Unlimited supplies of oxygen
KEY NUMPAD 6: Infinite amount of Ammo
KEY NUMPAD 7: No need to reload weapons
KEY NUMPAD 8: Unlimited quantity of explosives
KEY NUMPAD 9: Super accuracy
KEY NUMPAD 0: No recoil
KEY NUMPAD. (Dot): Saves the locations
KEY NUMPAD + (Plus): Teleportation
KEY NUMPAD – (Minus): Referenced by teleportation
KEY F1: Money x 2
KEY F2: Money x 4
KEY F3: Money x 8
KEY F4: Money x 16
KEY F5: Experience x 2
KEY F6: X 4 experience
KEY F7: X 8 experience
KEY F8: Experience x 16
KEY F10: Infinite number of skill points
KEY F12: Shows entire map
KEY PAGE UP: Super speed
PAGE DOWN: Super jump
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 1: NiewykrywalnoϾ
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 2: Unlimited number of syringes
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 3: Unlimited shield
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 4: Unlock things
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 5: Infinite amount of space in your backpack
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 6: A place for weapons
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 7: Teleports to the designated purpose
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 8: Teleports to the mission
KEY HOME: Disables all facilitate the


Instructions for running the trainer of Far Cry 3

  1. First, try the provided trainer.
  2. Extract the files of the archive.
  3. Disconnect the connector.
  4. Run the trainer.
  5. Connect the internet again.
  6. Run the game.