Far Cry 5 Game Trainer +21 V1.2.0

Far Cry 5 game sets with the Hope County, Montana, home to a fanatic Day of Judgment alternative known as Eden’s Gate. Now, stand up to trendy leader Joseph Seed and his brothers, known as the Heralds. Fight to inflame the fires of conflict and set free the overwhelmed community. After that, you will be the hero in this Hope County.

Far Cry 5 Features:

  1. Unlimited Health, Oxygen, Money, Bombs, Grenades, Stamina and Missiles
  2. Unlimited Ammo/ Items/ Throwables/ Consumables
  3. No Reload
  4. Teleport
  5. Undo Teleport
  6. No Recoil
  7. Custom Player Speed
  8. Teleport to Waypoint
  9. Easy Crafting
  10. Unlimited Homeopathic Powers Duration
  11. Unlimited Buff Duration
  12. Ghost Mode
  13. Super Accuracy
  14. Unlimited Perk Points
  15. Save Location
  16. Custom Player Jump
  17. One-Hit Kills
  18. Enemy No Fire
  19. Weapons No Overheat
  20. Freeze Timer

FAR CRY 5: TRAINER +21 V1.2.0 Key

Please follow the below trainer while playing the game:

Key Function
Key Numpad 1: Infinite Health
Key Numpad 2: Infinite Stamina
Key Numpad 3: Infinite Oxygen
Key Numpad 4: Infinite Ammo / Special Ammo
Key Numpad 5: Infinite Throwables
Key Numpad 6: No Reload
Key Numpad 7: No Recoil
Key Numpad 8: Jam Enemies Weapon
Key Numpad 9: Infinite Buff Duration
Key Numpad 0: No Crafting Requirement
Key Numpad . (Dot): Stealth Mode
Key Numpad + (Plus): Unlock All Store Items
Key Numpad – (Minus): No Overheat
Key Ctrl + Numpad 1: Infinite Money
Key Ctrl + Numpad 2: Infinite Perks
Key Ctrl + Numpad 3: Infinite Components
Key Ctrl + Numpad 4: Infinite Homeopathic
Key Ctrl + Numpad 5: Fish. Line Not Break
Key Ctrl + Numpad 6: +30 Sec. on Timer
Page Up Key: Super Speed
Page Down Key: Bullet Time
Home Key: Disable All

Read trainer instruction carefully! Before running the trainer

Do not forget to read the given instructions before installing the trainer of the game:

  1. Your system should contain at least the minimum required to set up for this trainer, make sure it first.
  2. Next, enter the provider trainer.
  3. Extract the file of the archive.
  4. Disconnect your internet connection first and then install the trainer.
  5. Run the game after connecting the internet connection again.

Far Cry 5 Game Trainer +21 V1.2.0