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Download Best Aimbot for GTA 2 2020


Grand Theft Auto is back, The cars are faster, The streets are busier. The bad guys are nastier. The police are angrier and very fast. And now, the FBI and the Army are getting involved…..

Seven ruthless gangs are involved in a ruthless power struggle and it is up to you to make a name for yourself.


The story follows a group of best thieves or criminals in three fictionalized versions of US cities as they perform bank robberies, assassinations, and other illegal activities for their respective crime syndicates.

The game was initially intended to be named Race’n’Chase and to be developed for the Commodore Amiga, starting in 1996. However, it was nearly canceled due to production issues.


Grand Theft Auto GTA 1 takes place in 1997 in three primary settings, all of which are modeled on real locales: Liberty City is based on New York City, Vice City is based on Miami, and San Andreas is based on San Francisco. All three suffer from rampant crime and corruption in the cities, with constant feuding between the local crime syndicates.


Each area features five radio stations from a pool of eleven, one of which is heard as the player drives most vehicles in this game. Changing radio stations for preference is possible. “Head Radio” was present in the original Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto III, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Each gang has its own radio station that transmits within a limited area. Police vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, and tanks had no ability to listen to the radio channels. Instead, the player would hear the radio transmitter of the emergency services.

All the music and the ads included in the game are exclusive, following the tradition of previous games. People in charge of the musical content were Craig Conner, Stuart Ross, Paul Scargill, Colin Anderson, Bert Reid, and Moving Shadow. Some of these producers would keep their work on subsequent GTA releases.

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Minimum system requirements:

CPU: Pentium 200 MHz or above
RAM: 32 Mb RAM
GPU: 3D acceleration with 8 Mb RAM
DX: DirectX 6.1
OS: Windows 95/98https://gamesystemrequirements.com/
Store: 70 Mb of free hard disk space
Sound: Sound card (3D sound card optional)
Resolution: SVGA color monitor
ODD: 4-speed CD-Rom
Network: Multiplayer: LAN (IPX & TCP/IP) 4 players plus Internet (via DirectPlay)
Recommended peripheral: Keyboard

Download Best GTA 2 aimbot

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