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Gta 5 Patch Download For Pc

Gta 5 Patch Download Patch version 1.0.1032.1 is already available for download in GTA 5 Online. In size, this small update, which fixes a bug in the cars Infernus Classic, Pfister 811 and some other vehicles that turn the car when cornering or at all very difficult to manage. The size Gta 5 of the update on Steam is 100 MB and the Social Club version 150 MB. A more detailed list of changes will be available later.

Gta 5 Patch

How to install patch 1.0.1032.1 for GTA 5 Online?

  • Install GTA_V_Launcher_1_0_1011_1.exe (optional)
  • Install Social-Club-v1.2.1.4-Setup.exe (optional)
  • Place the file GTA5.exe in the root game folder Grand Theft Auto V, replacing the old.
  • Place the file “update.rpf” in Grand Theft Auto IVupdate replacing the old.
  • Start these game Gta 5 Patch as usual.

Gta 5 Patch Download



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