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GTA SA Crazy Cheats Trainer +350 v2.41 for SA:MP & SA

GTA SA Crazy Cheats Trainer

GTA SA Crazy Cheats Trainer

Crazy Trainer +350 – the most functional trainer for GTA San Andreas. This new version of an old and beloved trainer for GTA San Andreas: Crazy Trainer +151 v2.0.
Using this trainer can make a screenshot of the game, teleport, to pump auto, and change the parameters of gameplay, enable speedometer.

A new version of the trainer has the following functions:
– More than 350 options, plus: take a Screenshot, Copy repeat and Kill the process GTA: SA;
– Fully compatible with the patches GTA SA version 1.0 and 1.01;
– Many options work in SA-MP v0.2.2;
– The teleporter, with the ability to move even in the interior (room);
– Convenient editor garage with possibility of installation of wheels, nitro, hydraulics, stereo, extras and save/load game garages in the file.
– Editor Of Statistics.
– Playlist editor (list of user tracks).
– Available in English and Russian languages.

The default interface in English. To enable the Russian language, go to Info, then Settings, and select English.

Download Crazy Trainer +350: GTA SA Crazy Trainer

List of cheats compatible with SA-MP:
– On/off infinite health
– On/off infinite armor
– Add $ X
– On/off infinite ammo
– On/off in the car sighting
– Add to all weapons ammo X
– Add X health, X armor (player)
– Increase the mass of the X (player)
– Reduce the mass of the X (player)
– Weight of default (player)
– On/off bleed
– The next step
– Previous gait
– His gait on X
– On/off leave scars
– On/off with precision weapons
– On/off the mega jump
– On/off endless oxygen
– On/off invisible car
– On/off good governance
– On/off all the lights on the green
– On/off the boat fly
– On/off the machine fly
– On/off all the machines have nitro
– On/off crashproof all transport
– On/off infinite nitro
– On/off infinite health transport
– On/off heavy transport
– Flip transport
– On/off the machine swim
– Arm/disarm the bomb
– Change the color of the body in transport
– Change the color of the second transport
– To deliver/remove hydraulics
– Put nitro
– Turn transportation to the left on the X degrees
– Turn transportation to the right of X degrees
– On/off to turn the rear wheels
– Turn transportation 180 degrees
– Increase the speed of transport on the X
– Decrease the speed of the transport-X
– On/off leave the cars at high speed
– To deliver/remove the helicopter magnet
– Mute/start the engine, Move to his last transport
– On/off traffic lights indefinitely
– On/off headlights
– Increase the weight of the transport-X
– Reduce the mass transport on X
– On/off the machine have nitro and jump like a taxi
– Increase the gravity on X
– Reduce the gravity on X-
– Normal gravity
– On/off resistant to all the damage
– Change the style of beats
– On/off steering mouse
– On/off flying mouse
– On/off fast run
– On/off vacillation camera
– On/off move on “Target” during installation
– On/off dimming
– Swim at a speed of X
– On/off walk, drive, fly under water
– Apply the selected color
– On/off distance at high speed camera
– On/off night/thermal vision
– Off nitro
– Nitro
– On/off fall from motorcycles and bicycles
– Change the position and color of the interface elements
– Moving objects
– Binding player to transport and people
– Game speed
– Move to player X
– Move the player X to itself / off freeze (with checked “Freeze coordinates”)
– Attached to the player X
The next player ID
– Previous player ID
– Move to the transport X
– Move the transport X to itself / off freeze (with checked “Freeze coordinates”)
– The following ID of transport
– Previous ID of transport
– Speedometer
– Teleportation
– Jet Pack

NO Installation Need Just Run Cheats & Play

GTA SA Crazy Cheats Screenshot

 GTA SA Crazy Cheats Screenshot

Download Links (3.0MB)

Download GTA SA Crazy Cheats Trainet v2.0 / Link 2

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