Hollow Knight Game Trainer v1.4.5 +6

Do you want to forge your way in an ancient, plague-infested kingdom? Play Hollow Knight! It is a Metroidvania epic action-adventure video game. The game set within a vast ruined kingdom of heroes and insects, known as Hallownest. In this game, you will get the chance to explore twisting caves. Fight against the battle tainted living being and befriend strange bugs. Now make an excellent experience of a stunning classical 2D world. You will find yourself in the hand-drawn 2D world to disclose the mysteries of this kingdom.

The game developed through the partial funding by a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, held at the end of 2014. Team Cherry published and created this game. However, initially, it released in 2017 for macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Later in 2018, the game further released for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in 2018.

Hollow Knight Features:

  1. Touch Me Not
  2. Unlimited Mana
  3. Unlimited Geo
  4. Unlimited Jumps
  5. Unlimited Health
  6. Unlimited Soul
  7. Add Coins
  8. No Enemy Collisions

Hollow Knight: v1.4.5 +6 Trainer Key

Please use the following key to play this game

Key Function
HOME KEY: Activate the trainer
KEY F1: Immortality
KEY F2: Souls
KEY F3: Money
KEY F4: Unlimited diving
KEY 8: Save site
KEY 9: Teleportation
KEY 0: References teleport

Instructions for running the trainer of the Hollow Knight

Do not forget to follow the following instructions when you are going to use the trainer of this game:

  1. To use the downloaded file, please enter one of the provided password or trainer.
  2. We highly recommended using an open-source software known as 7-Zip for this purpose.
  3. After that, extract the archive contents.
  4. First, run the trainer, and then run the game.
  5. Disconnect the internet connection of the system before running the trainer.
  6. Reconnect the internet connection of your system after running the trainer.


Hollow Knight Game Trainer v1.4.5 +6