How to solve the problem with red screen in XCOM 2?

The owners of XCOM 2 started to complain about a problem red screen in XCOM 2 with a red screen that appears after the start of training or conventional missions. In this article xcom 2 red screen error we will look at all possible solutions to this problem.

red screen in XCOM 2

How to Fix Red Screen Error in XCOM 2?

  1. Right-click the shortcut that launches XCOM 2.
  2. Go to the properties of file to the tab “Shortcut”
  3. At the end of «Object» append this line -noRedScreens -review
    You should get something in that spirit — “D:GamesXCOM 2.exe” -noRedScreens -review
  4. Done! Start the game with a shortcut and problems with the appearance of red screen in the game will no longer disturb you.

Сheck out the video xcom 2 red screen error with a detailed demonstration of the solution with red screen.

Updated: July 22, 2020 — 10:47 am

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