I. G. I. 2 Covert Strike Game Trainer v.1.5 + 6

Now make an inspiring expression of a tactical 1st person shooter video game with the I. G. I. 2: Covert Strike. You will fight against world catastrophe, international terrorism, and unfaithfulness. The slot of the game revolves around the story of Jones. He comes at the forefront to prevent global violence, once again in this season. He covers a campaign comprising of 19 missions in the real world places across the three continents. These missions are ranging from all-out checkpoint defence to secret scrutiny and infiltration. It also includes robbery and escaping in indoor and outdoor as well as the rural and urban environment.

G. I. 2: Covert Strike first released on March 32003. The game is the sequel game to the Innerloop’s Project I. G. I. It developed by Interloop video game Company, whereas published under the banner of Codemasters.

I. G. I. 2 Covert Strike Features:

  1. Unlimited ammo
  2. Unlimited health
  3. Inspiring pre-planned 1st person shooting game
  4. The never-ending life
  5. Unlimited medipack
  6. Unlimited grenades
  7. No alarms included
  8. Faster door opening
  9. No need to wait for opening the door
  10. “You Cannot See Me” option make your enemies completely blind

I.G.I. 2 Covert Strike: v.1.5 + 6 Trainer Key

Please use the following below hotkeys while playing I. G. I. 2 Covert Strike:

Key Function
Key 1: Immortality
Key 2: Unlimited ammo
Key 3: Infinite number of grenades
Key 4: Faster opening doors
Key 5: No alarms
Key 6: Eliminates the effects of the above facilities

Instructions for running the trainer of I. G. I. 2 Covert Strike

Please do not forget to read the given instruction while using the trainer of I. G. I. 2 Covert Strike:

  1. To use the files after downloading, please enter one of the provided trainer or password.
  2. For unzipping, we recommend using open-source software, 7-Zip.
  3. After that, extract the files of the archive.
  4. First, disconnect the internet connection of your system.
  5. After that run the trainer.
  6. And then, connect your internet connection to the system, again.
  7. Finally, run the game.

I. G. I. 2 Covert Strike Game Trainer v.1.5 + 6