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Image Tuner 6.6 Free Review

Image Tuner is an award winning software which is a free batch image processing tool. Image Tuner is used for batch image processing such as resizing, renaming, file type conversion and watermarking the images in a bulk.

Image Tuner has a wonderful and open interface design which is based on fast and reliable image processing engine which helps you with frequent and usual image related tasks.

Image Tuner Free 6.6 Review

Image Tuner Features

Image Tuner has great features and help its user with batch processing there images in a best way.

Resize Images

User can resize multiple images and photos at once by Image Tuner using its built-in templates and number of presets (including Facebook/Twitter and iPod) or a user defined custom size.

Rename Images

User can rename multiple photos in batch mode instantly by Image Tuner.

Convert Between Image Formats

User can convert between different image formats by using various settings in Image Tuner


User can add Watermark Images or Text to the photos for various purposes such as adding copyright mark or putting company’s logo or brand logo etc.

Image Tuner Free

Get Image Tuner v6.6 Free

Download Image Tuner from Softhound.com and enjoy!

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