Mafia II Game Trainer v1.0-2.0 +11 (Latest Updated 2020.10.19)

Vito Scaletta is a veteran War hero, tangled with the gang in hopes of paying the loan of his father. Vito climbs up in his family hierarchy. He works hard to prove himself with several crimes of big rewards and importance. However, the story also involves a Sicilian-American mobster character. The game sets in a fictional city of Empire Bay and roughly based on New York City during the 1940s to 1950s, but it also has a few highlights of San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Detroit cities.

It is an action-adventure game of 2010. The game developed and published by 2K Czech and 2K Games, respectively. It initially released in August 2010 for PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360. It released in December 2011 by Feral Interactive. This game is a sequel to Mafia of 2002 and prelude to the Mafia II: Director’s Cut. Moreover, it is the second game in the Mafia series.

Mafia II Features:

  1. Improved Unlimited Health
  2. Unlimited Ammo
  3. Easy Kills
  4. No Reload
  5. Unlimited Money
  6. Remove Wanted Status
  7. Kill Mission Timers
  8. AI Mind Control
  9. Rapid Fire
  10. Crooked Cops
  11. Super Zoom
  12. Instant Car Lockpicking
  13. Perfect Accuracy
  14. No Recoil
  15. Minimal Car Damage

Mafia II v1.0-2.0 + 11 (Latest Updated 2020.10.19)Key

Use the below hotkeys when you play the game:

Key Function
1. Key Num 1: Infinite Health
2. Key Num 2: Infinite Ammo
3. Key Num 3: No Reload/Infinite Grenades
4. Key Num 4: Super Accuracy
5. Key Num 5: No Recoil
6. Key Num 6: Rapid Fire
7. Key Num 7: Enemies Cannot Shoot
8. Key Num 8: Super Speed
9. Key Num 9: Slow Motion
10. Key Num 0: One Hit Kill
11. Key Ctrl + Num 1: Edit Money
12. Key Ctrl + Num 2: No Wanted

How to use the trainers for Mafia II

Follow the below instruction while running the trainer for Mafia II:

  1. Infinite Health may continuously decrease, but it cannot decrease to zero.
  2. Infinite Ammo only works when you reload ammo.
  3. No Reload/Infinite Grenades works when you use grenades, and its values cannot decrease.
  4. Edit Money works while opening the map.
  5. If you activate No Wanted after wanting by the police, you have to escape from the police to clear the Wanted state.


Mafia II Game Trainer v1.0-2.0 +11 (Latest Updated 2020.10.19)