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MalwareBytes Premium Review

The debate between the critics and reviewers on the matter of a good anti-malware or anti-virus software is long known and out of that debate, a software which has always garnered huge respect and positive reviews from the experts is MalwareBytes. Though it is agreed that it is not something special and is only enough to do what other software are doing, it brings plenty of features which could use from an antivirus of this price range. In this MalwareBytes Review, we shall be having a detailed insight into the software.

MalwareBytes has been reviewed as a software which only sticks to the basics. However, it is also true that while other software try to advance from those basics and try to do something and mostly garner failure, MalwareBytes in that niche of basic features make the users to return towards it since those jumping anti-malware software have failed them.

So while there is no real-time protection plan which is one of its cons, MalwareBytes does the complete safe mode scan, has a much better interface and setting customization, and detects each and every culprit which has the potential to harm your computer.

MalwareBytes Features Review:

One of the reasons why people despise the antivirus software because while trying to protect it from malware, this get too involved in your System32 and end up using a lot of ram which makes your computer slow. MalwareBytes on the other hand, has this tendency of using the minimal ram and is optimized to the level of Windows Defender by Microsoft. Also, even when you are using some other security apps on your phone, Malware Bytes wouldn’t meddle with them at all and only does its own job.

While getting different online offers and installing web services, you end up falling victim to several toolbars which rule over browsers like a virus. However, MalwareBytes has this special protection features against such as self-imposed tools which wouldn’t allow them at all and if there are some preinstalled ones, it would detect them and notify you before deleting them.

There are many malwares which only get stronger with times and while the malware is getting the updates then why not your antivirus protection software? To work on that, the developers release weekly or monthly updates for their products. Also, they release some special updates as well which they learn about some specific dangerous malware attacking computers.

Unlike many other software, it is pretty light and takes no time to install. Even when you have no more than 2 or 4 GB ram, it would install within a matter of few seconds.

MalwareBytes Cons:

This MalwareBytes antivirus software cannot be used a standalone. It is not powerful enough that it would solely take care of the job. It requires you to have another proactive antivirus installed with real-time protection and quick scan features.

Also, it doesn’t have features like quick scan and real-time protection and to detect the viruses, you will have to run a manual scan and only then will it will be able to protect your computer.

Overall, we think what is the end result of our MalwareBytes Review is that you should have this anti-malware unit alongside your other proactive software to ensure 100% protection of your computer.

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What is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?


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