Mass Effect 2 Game Trainer v1.5 +21

Recruit, control, and explore the arm forces in a new fantasy open-world with an action role-playing video game, the Mass Effect 2. The game sets in the Milky Way galaxy of the 22nd century. At that time, human beings are in the threatening of an insectoid alien race, the Collectors. The main character of the game is Commander Shepard, who is one of the leading human soldiers. A mysterious new enemy emerged after the two years of Commander Shepard repelling. He was the invading Reapers who want to destroy the organic life in the universe. On the borders of some known places, he was silently kidnaping the whole human colonies.

The game developed and published by BioWare and Electronic Arts, respectively. It released in 2010 for Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. However, latter in 2011 the PlayStation 3 version of the game came in the market. Mass Effect 2 is the second game of the Mass Effect series and a successor of Mass Effect.

Mass Effect 2 Features:

  1. Set Credit, Medi-Gel, Element Zero, and Iridium
  2. Instant Powers Reload
  3. Unlimited Health and Ammo
  4. Set Platinium, Palladium, Probes and Fuel

Mass Effect 2 – v1.5 +21 Trainer Key

During the game Mass Effect 2, you will be able to try the below keys:

Key Function
KEY F1: Immortality
KEY F10: Enemies cannot respond to team attacks
KEY F11: Slow movements of the enemies
KEY F12: A single attack kills an enemy
KEY F2: Super speed
KEY F3: Instant regeneration skills
KEY F4: Infinite ammunition
KEY F6: Increased rate of weapons
KEY F7: Super accuracy
KEY F8: No variation in fire
KEY NUMPAD + (Plus):  10 Development team
KEY NUMPAD 0: 10000 Of fuel
KEY NUMPAD 1: Save position
KEY NUMPAD 2: It reads
KEY NUMPAD 3: 10000 Credits
KEY NUMPAD 4 – 10000 Of medi-gel
KEY NUMPAD 5 – 10,000 Units of zero
KEY NUMPAD 6 – 10,000 Units of Iridium
KEY NUMPAD 7 – 10000 Of Palladium
KEY NUMPAD 8 – 10000 Of Platinum
KEY NUMPAD 9 – 10000 Probes

How to use Mass Effect 2 trainers

Do not forget to read the below instructions while using the trainer of Mass Effect 2:

  1. First of all, attempt the provided password one by one to use the downloaded file.
  2. We recommend 7-Zip software for this purpose.
  3. Extract the content of the archive.
  4. Remember to disconnect the internet connection from your system before installing the trainer.
  5. After that, run the trainer.
  6. Next, then connect the internet connection again to your PC.
  7. In the last, run the game and use the above hotkey during the game.


Mass Effect 2 Game Trainer v1.5 +21