Mass Effect  Game Trainer DLC v1.5 +12

Are you want to travel the Milky Way galaxy during the years of 2183? Experience a new action role-playing video game, the Mass Effect. It is the late 21st century when the human civilization is in threatening with a highly progressive machine race, the Reapers. In this game, you will play the role of Commander Shepard. He is one of the leading soldiers. Now, you are able to explore the space, fight against the vehicular and squad combat, and interact with several new battle characters.

The game developed by BioWare. It first released in 2007 for only the Xbox 360 console. It is the first installation of the Mass Effect series.

Mass Effect Features:

  1. Unlimited Health (+Mako)
  2. Squad Health
  3. Unlimited Medkits
  4. Add Credits
  5. Instant Weapon Cooldown
  6. Unlimited Grenades
  7. Add Experience Points
  8. 99 Talent Points
  9. Add Omni-Gel
  10. Strategy Mode
  11. Super Accuracy
  12. Crosshair Kill
  13. SuperSpeed
  14. Crosshair Heal/ Regenerate
  15. Save/ Load Position

Mass Effect – DLC v1.5 +12 Trainer Key

You can use the following hotkeys during the game:

Key Function
KEY NUMPAD 1: Immortality
KEY NUMPAD 2: Save position
KEY NUMPAD 3: Restore the saved position
KEY NUMPAD 4: Poland hits Internet warp speed
KEY NUMPAD 5: Weapons are not product overheating
KEY NUMPAD 6: Grenades to explode
KEY NUMPAD 7: Infinite number of grenades and kits;
KEY NUMPAD 8: Easier to eliminate the enemy forces
KEY NUMPAD 9: Hostile move in pace formulations
KEY NUMPAD 0: Enemies can’t move
KEY F7 disables the enemies can’t move
KEY F8: 100,000 Credits
KEY F9: 10 Talent poi


How to use Mass Effect trainers

Please keep the below-listed instructions in your mind while using the trainer of Mass Effect:

  1. AT first, try one of the listed passwords in order to unpack the downloaded file.
  2. For this purpose, we highly recommend 7-Zip software.
  3. Extract the files of the archive.
  4. Before installing the game trainer, disconnect the connection from your PC.
  5. And then, run the game trainer.
  6. After that, reconnect the internet to the system.
  7. In the last, run the game and use the above hotkeys.


Mass Effect  Game Trainer DLC v1.5 +12