Medieval Dynasty Game Trainer v0.3.0+ (Last Updated 2021.01.01)

Search for the life and survive in the stridulate Middle Ages. Create and lead your own Medieval Dynasty. Moreover, make sure that it lasts long success.

As the Medieval Dynasty is a collection of multiple useful game genres. Hunt, feed, farm and cultivate the land to ensure survival. Besides this, you can also create different weapons and many other war tools during the game. Furthermore, customize your lifestyle by constructing or extending your stables, houses, and all types of buildings even grow an empire.

As we already discuss the Medieval Dynasty is a multiple genera game, thus it is a first-person, realistic, open world, survival, medieval life simulator, and town builder game. It developed and published by Render Cube and Toplitz Productions, respectively. The game released on 17th September 2020 on Steam Early Access.

Medieval Dynasty Features:

  1. Unlimited Health
  2. No Dirtiness
  3. Unlimited Durability
  4. Add 1000 Selected Item
  5. Unlimited Stamina
  6. Add 10 Selected Item
  7. Unlimited Water
  8. Super Max Weight
  9. Unlimited Food
  10. Set Game Speed

Medieval Dynasty Game Trainer v0.3.0+ (Last Updated 2021.01.01) Key

Key Function
Key Num 1: Infinite Health
Key Num 2: Infinite Stamina
Key Num 3: Infinite Food
Key Num 4: Infinite Water
Key Num 5: Zero Dirtiness
Key Num 6: Set Game Speed
Key Num 7: Set-Item Quantity/Money
Key Num 8: Zero Weight/ Max Weight Limit

Instruction for using the trainer of Medieval Dynasty

Please follow the below instruction during the game:

  1. Infinite Health option works when the value of health changes.
  2. Set Item Quantity/Money works when the quantity or money value of items changes.
  3. If you are already overburdened and want to use Zero Weight/ Max Weight Limit option, you will have to drop or pick up something before using this option to inactive the overburdened effect.


Medieval Dynasty Game Trainer v0.3.0+ (Last Updated 2021.01.01)