Minecraft Game Trainer -v2.0 +8

Explore a huge universe and build everything in a new world from the simplest homes to the majestic castles. Play Minecraft with unlimited resources and go deep into the world with the survival mode. Craft a range of weapons and armour to take care of yourself from the dangerous mobs. It is up to you, either you explore and survive alone or with your friends.

Minecraft is a 2020 sandbox construction game. It developed by Mojang AB founder Markus “Notch” Persson. In the gameplay, you can place or break various kinds of blocks in a three-dimensional background. Moreover, you can build many stunning and creative artwork, structures, and creations. Use multiplayer and singleplayer server across the multiple game modes.

Minecraft Functions:

  1. X-Ray
  2. Nuker
  3. Change Weather
  4. Scaffold
  5. Anti-AFK
  6. Auto Mine, Fishing, Clicker and Weapon
  7. Blind
  8. Freecam
  9. No Fall damage
  10. Aimbot
  11. Bow Aimbot
  12. Kill Aura
  13. Velocity
  14. Radar
  15. Player and Chest ESP
  16. SuperSpeed and Jump

Minecraft -v2.0 +8 Trainer Key

While playing the game, you may use the below hotkeys for your assistance:

Key Function
KEY INSERT: Enable trainer
2.    KEY NUMPAD 1: Immortality
3.    KEY NUMPAD 2: Unlimited supplies of oxygen
4.    KEY NUMPAD 3 Unlimited number of items
5.    KEY NUMPAD 4: Indestructible tools
6.    KEY NUMPAD 5 Morning
7.    KEY NUMPAD 6  Afternoon
8.    KEY NUMPAD 7: A day
9.    KEY NUMPAD 8 Restoration of an ordinary passage of time
10. KEY HOME Disable all facilities

How to install the trainer for Minecraft

Do forget to follow the below instruction while playing the game:

  1. Download the archive.
  2. Transfer the folder to the archive
  3. Unzip the files.
  4. After that, disconnect the internet
  5. Next, run the trainer.
  6. Reconnect the internet.
  7. And then, run the game

Minecraft Game Trainer -v2.0 +8