Need for Speed Carbon Game Trainer v1.5 +22

Need for Speed Carbon is one of the popular video game that follows the style of Underground epic. In this game, the players conduct prohibited street car races within the fictional city Palmont City. Strike the asphalt surface of the earth, throw your wild rivals hats in the ring and take advantage of the powerful tuning options.

Are you ready to make the car of your dreams? You will have a broad option of tuning additional right at your fingertips from the spoilers, basses, exhaust pipes and stereos to tinted windows, headlights, stickers and paint jobs.

It is a 2006 racing game, and the tenth significant addition in the Need for Speed series. It developed by Rovio Mobile, EA Black Box, and EA Canada, whereas published by Electronic Arts. However, the game released on 30th October 2006, for Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Mac OS X. later in 2008, the game further released for arcades.

Need for Speed Carbon

  1. Unlimited Money and NOS
  2. Unlock Challenge Series and All Reward Cards
  3. Save/ Restore Position
  4. Unlock Career Mode Content, such as upgrades, parts, vinyl, etc.
  5. Unlimited Bullet Time, such as speed breaker
  6. Drift King, such as drifts never stop
  7. Ghost Car
  8. Invisible to Police
  9. Super Jump and U-Turn
  10. Racer Control System
  11. Super Handling/ Acceleration
  12. Kill Checkpoint Timer
  13. Cannot Get Busted
  14. Instantly Evade Police

Need for Speed Carbon – v1.5 +22 Trainer Key

During the game, you can use the following hotkeys:

Key Function
KEY F1: Unlimited nitro
KEY F2: Unlimited slow time
KEY F3: Additional cash
KEY F4: Police stops us interest
KEY F5: The status of the Most Wanted
KEY F6: Never get behind bars
KEY F7: Immediate end Chase
KEY F8: Stupider police
KEY F9: Stops the current time Chase
KEY F10: Sets the time Chase at 45 minutes
KEY F11: Police calls on meals
KEY NUMPAD 1: Police already have us chasing
KEY NUMPAD 2: Massed police units
KEY NUMPAD 3: Police immobilized
KEY NUMPAD 4: A large number of points for racing in the canyons
KEY NUMPAD 5: Disables time follow the leader (races in the canyons)
KEY NUMPAD 6: Win every race
KEY NUMPAD 7: Any used members of the team
KEY NUMPAD 8: Unlock all hidden cards
KEY NUMPAD 9: Unlock all parts and vehicles
KEY V: Super przyœpieszenie


Instructions for the trainer of Need for Speed: Carbon

  1. First, run the trainer and then the game.
  2. Before running the trainer, disconnect your connections.


Need for Speed Carbon Game Trainer v1.5 +22