Pillars of Eternity Game Trainer V1.5- 3.6 +25

Shape your own destiny Prepare by making your choices and choosing your ways in an enchanted world. Play a new role-playing video game named Pillars of Eternity. The game developed and published by Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive, respectively. It released on 26th March 2015, worldwide for OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. The game is a spiritual sequel to the Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate series.

Pillars of Eternity Features:

  1. Add Attribute Points
  2. Instant Level Party
  3. Crafting Multiplier
  4. Add Camping Supplies
  5. Unlimited Skill Points
  6. Unlimited Durability
  7. Unlimited Health
  8. Invisibility
  9. Easy Kills
  10. Increase Gold
  11. Increase XP

Pillars of Eternity V1.5- 3.6 +25 Trainer Key (2017-Jun-16)

While playing Pillars of Eternity, you can use the following hotkeys:

Key Function
Key Num 1: Infinite Health
Key Num 2: Infinite Stamina
Key Num 3: Infinite Currency
Key Num 4: Infinite Camp Supplies
Key Num 5: Infinite Quick Items
Key Num 6: Infinite Experiences
Key Num 7: Infinite Skill Points
Key Num 8: Infinite Ability Points
Key Num 9: Infinite Talent Points
Key Num 0: Super Damage (Weapon / Melee)
Key Num . (Dot): Evade All Attacks
Key Num + (Plus): Undetectable By Enemies
Key Num – (Minus): Infinite Spells
Key Ctr + Num 1: Add 10 Might
Key Ctr + Num 2: Add 10 Constitution
Key Ctr + Num 3: Add 10 Dexterity
Key Ctr + Num 4: Add 10 Perception
Key Ctr + Num 5: Add 10 Intellect
Key Ctr + Num 6: Add 10 Resolve
Key Ctr + Num 7: Add 10 Stealth
Key Ctr + Num 8: Add 10 Athletics
Key Ctr + Num 9: Add 10 Lore
Key Ctr + Num 0: Add 10 Mechanics
Key Ctr + Num . (Dot): Add 10 Survival
Key Home: Disable All

Instruction for using the trainer of Pillars of Eternity

Please keep in mind the following instructions while using the Pillars of Eternity trainers.

  1. Ensure you have the minimum required system for this trainer.
  2. Attempt any of the provided trainers.
  3. Extract the files of the archive.
  4. Disconnect your connection.
  5. And then, run the trainer.
  6. After that, reconnect your internet connection.
  7. Finally, run the game.
  8. Use the above hotkeys during the game.


Pillars of Eternity Game Trainer V1.5- 3.6 +25