Plants vs Zombies Game Trainer v-2.0 +9

Imagine that Zombies are attacking your home, and there is only a defence which can protect your house. It is the collection of plants around your house! Fight against the Zombies with a strange nursery-worth of zombie-zapping plants, such as cherry bombs and peashooters. During this game, you will have to think faster and faster to stop more dozens of various types of zombies.

Plants vs Zombies is a strategy tower-defence video game. It developed and initially published by PopCap Games. In May 2009, it released for Windows and OS X which ported to consoles, mobile devices, handhelds, and re-mastered versions for desktop devices.

In Plants vs Zombies, you will play the role of a homeowner who has stuck in the middle of a zombie disaster. If you want to defend your home from unique zombies, you must use plants. These plants can fire projectiles, as well as have some other detrimental abilities.

Plants vs Zombies Features:

  1. 9999 Sunshine Credits
  2. Instant Seed Packages
  3. 99.999 Money

Plants vs Zombies v-2.0 +9 Trainer Key

While playing the Plants vs Zombies, you can use the following keys:

Key Function
KEY NUMPAD 1: Unlimited Power of the Sun
KEY NUMPAD 2: Unlimited cash stocks
KEY NUMPAD 3: Exclusion of the time needed for recovery
KEY NUMPAD 4: Infinite quantity of fertilizer
KEY NUMPAD 5: Unlimited supplies of spray for insects
KEY NUMPAD 6: Unlimited supplies of chocolate
KEY NUMPAD 7: Unlimited supplies of food for trees
KEY NUMPAD 8: Freeze zombies
KEY NUMPAD 9: Store stocks will never cover all the

Instruction for using the trainer of the Plants vs Zombies

Please keep in mind the following instructions while using the Plants vs Zombies


  1. At first, you have to make sure that your system has a minimum required settings for this trainer.
  2. Try any of the listed trainers that perfectly matched with your system.
  3. Next, then extract the contents of the archive using 7-Zip software.
  4. And then, disconnect your internet connection from the system.
  5. Run the trainer.
  6. After that, reconnect your internet connection to the system.
  7. And finally, run the game.
  8. Use the above hotkeys during the game.


Plants vs Zombies Game Trainer v-2.0 +9