Resident Evil 2 Game Trainer v1.0 +18

In September of 1998, there was the attack of a fatal virus. It slowly engulfs the residents of entire Raccoon City. If you escape from the deadly virus fortunately and success to survive, then the flesh-eating zombies are roaming on the streets of the city and waiting for you. This entire scenario plunges them into a pandemonium situation. Now, make an exciting experience to encounter with the unparalleled adrenaline rush, unimaginable horrors and gripping storyline. Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror video game of 2019 which developed and published by Capcom. This game is basically a remake version of the 1998 video game of the same name. It first released on 25th January 2019 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players try to escape from the Raccoon City during this zombie outbreak while controlling either the role of a rookie police officer Leon S. Kenned or a college student Claire Redfield.


Resident Evil 2 Features:

  1. Unlimited Health
  2. Backpack 20 Slots
  3. Unlimited Ammo
  4. No Reload
  5. Unlimited Ink Ribbon
  6. 4x Damage
  7. Keep Tyrant Down
  8. Unlimited Durability
  9. Better Accuracy
  10. Reset Game Time
  11. Set Game Time

Resident Evil 2: v1.0 +18 Trainer Key

During the Resident Evil 2 game, you can take advantage of the following hotkeys:

Key Function
KEY NUMPAD 1: Infinite health
KEY NUMPAD 2: Infinite ammo
KEY NUMPAD 3: Turn off the need to reload
KEY NUMPAD 4: Infinite ink ribbons
KEY NUMPAD 5: Infinite stamina knife
KEY NUMPAD 6: Excellent accuracy
KEY NUMPAD 7: Turn off the recoil
KEY NUMPAD 8: Super speed
KEY NUMPAD 9: Slow motion
KEY NUMPAD 0: One hit kills
KEY NUMPAD , (Comma): The Tyrant dies from a single shot
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 1: The maximum size of your inventory
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 2: Reset game time
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 3: Reset counter records
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 4: Stop countdown
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 5: Reset the number of openings box items
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 6: Reset the number of use of medicinal items
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 7: Reset the number of steps
KEY Home: Disable all

Instructions for running the Resident Evil 2 trainer

Keep an eye on these instructions whenever you use the trainer of the Pro Evolution Soccer game:

  1. Make sure you have at least the minimum required system set up for this trainer before running it.
  2. A few of the trainer may not be functional at that time, so try the given trainers one by one.
  3. We recommended an open-source 7 Zip software to unzip the file of the archive.
  4. First, disconnect the internet connection and then run the trainer and after that reconnect again.
  5. First, run the trainer and then run the game.
  6. Use the listed hotkeys during the game.


Resident Evil 2 Game Trainer v1.0 +18