Stronghold: Crusader Game Trainer v1.2 +20

Are you interested in a long journey to the distant Arabian lands which are well-known for the brave soldiers and impressive weapons, try to play Stronghold Crusader? The game will throw you into momentous combat of the Arabic history from the Crusades with four historical campaigns, various new units, evil AI opponents, and over 100 unique battle missions.

Stronghold: Crusader is the replacement game to the Firefly Studios of 2001. It belongs to the genera of the real-time strategy video gameThe game sets in the Middle East plotted the story during the Crusades. It was first released on September 2002 in North America and then Europe for Microsoft Windows

Stronghold: Crusader  Features:

  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited Wood
  3. God Mode
  4. Unlimited Stone
  5. Unlimited Iron
  6. Infinite Pitch
  7. Unlimited Spears
  8. Unlimited Bows
  9. Infinite Maces
  10. Unlimited Crossbow
  11. Unlimited Pikes
  12. Infinite Swords
  13. Infinite Armor.

Stronghold: Crusader – v1.2 +20 Trainer Key

While playing the Stronghold: Crusader, you can use the following keys:

Key Function
KEY NUMPAD 1: Raw materials: bread
KEY NUMPAD 2: Raw materials: cheese
KEY NUMPAD 3: Commodities: meat
KEY NUMPAD 4: Raw materials: apples
KEY NUMPAD 5: Raw materials: types of hop
KEY NUMPAD 6: Raw materials: stones
KEY NUMPAD 7: Raw materials: iron
KEY NUMPAD 8: Raw materials: peaches
KEY NUMPAD 9: Raw materials: wheat
KEY NUMPAD 0: Raw materials: beer
KEY NUMPAD * (Star): Crossbows
KEY NUMPAD – (Minus): Spades
KEY NUMPAD + (Plus): Pistons
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 2: Leather armor
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 3: Iron armor
KEY CTRL + NUMPAD 4: Raw materials: wood

The instruction for running The Stronghold: Crusader trainers: 

Consider the following instructions during the Stronghold: Crusader:

  1. If you want to use the downloaded file, try any of the given passwords to unpack it.
  2. Now, unzip the archive contents using open-source software, known as 7-Zip.
  3. After Unzipping the content, disconnect your internet connection.
  4. And then, run the trainer which perfectly match with your system.
  5. Finally, reconnect your internet connection.
  6. And then, run the game.

Stronghold: Crusader Game Trainer v1.2 +20