Total War Three Kingdoms Game Trainer v1.4-v2.0 + 26

Total War: Three Kingdoms is one of the award-winning game. The popularity of this game is due to the recreation of the epic skirmish across ancient China. It results in the combination of a fascinating turn-based campaign of conquest and empire-building. The player can experience stunning real-time battles in the THREE KINGDOMS during the age of heroes and legends.

Total War Three Kingdoms Features:

  1. Unlimited Credibility/ Population/ Food/ Reservers
  2. Set Traits Value, Public Order, High Morale, Military Supplies, and No Morale
  3. Edit Current Treasury, Skill Points, Rank, and XP
  4. Unlimited Unit Movement and Battle Ammo
  5. Freeze Date/ Extend Lives
  6. Character Loyalty/ Satisfaction
  7. One Turn Reforms and Building Construction
  8. Easy Unlock of Yellow Turban Reforms
  9. Instant and Complete Yellow Turban Reforms
  10. Easy Build Buildings and Negotiations
  11. Instant Reset of Battle Skill Cooldowns
  12. Repopulate and Fill Armies
  13. Invincible Army in Battle
  14. Game Speed

Total War Three Kingdoms: v1.4-v2.0 + 26 Trainer Key

Use the following hotkeys:

Key Function
Key Num 1: Infinite Gold
Key Num 2: Max Public Order
Key Num 3: One Turn Reform
Key Num 4: Infinite Army Movement
Key Num 5: Restore Army Size To Max
Key Num 6: Infinite Character Exp
Key Num 7: Infinite Character Skill Points
Key Page Down: Reset Skill Points
Key Num 8: Skills No Cooldown
Key Num 9: AI Factions Can’t Move
Key Num 0: Drain AI Factions Army Size
Key Num . (Dot): Drain AI Factions Gold
Key Ctrl + Num 1: Max Military Supplies
Key Ctrl + Num 2: Max Town Population
Key Ctrl + Num 3: Max Town Reserves
Key Ctrl + Num 4: Max Faction Specialization, such as credibility, unity, heroism, intimidation, etc.
Key Ctrl + Num 5: Negotiation Always Succeed
Key Ctrl + Num 6: One Turn Construction
Key Ctrl + Num 7: Super Speed
Key Ctrl + Num 8: God Mode (In Battle)
Key Ctrl + Num 9: Infinite Arrows
Key Ctrl + Num 0: Freeze Year/Character Age
Key Ctrl + Num . (Dot): Max Character Satisfaction
Key Ctrl + Num + (Plus): Max Army Morale
Key Ctrl + Num – (Minus): Empty Enemies Morale
Key Alt + Num 1: Gold Multiplier

Instructions to play the Total War Three Kingdoms

Follow the below instructions:

  1. “Restore Army Size to Max”, “AI Factions Can’t Move”, “Infinite Army Movement”, and “Drain AI Factions Army Size” cannot take effect when the player is at battle state.
  2. If you want to win the game with ease, you should use “Drain AI Factions Army Size” before entering the battle state.
  3. “Max Public Order” only works when you select a city, resulting in the public order will be maximum at that city.
  4. When you activate the “Max Town Reserves” and “Max Town Population” option, you also choose a town to fix the maximum population/ reserves. These options will affect the sub-locations and villages so inactivate them if you do not need.
  5. “Infinite Character Skill Points”, “Infinite Character Exp”, and “Reset Skill Points” works while opening the character panel and working for that particular character.
  6. “Gold Multiplier” takes effect only for every turn gold income.
  7. Battle options like Infinite Arrows, God Mode, and Max Army Morale do not take effect accurately when you have association army on your side.


Total War Three Kingdoms Game Trainer v1.4-v2.0 + 26