Watch Dogs Game Trainer v1.0 +21

Enrol any citizen whom you want from the entire population of London city into your army. No matter whether they are male or female from a challenging bare-knuckle soldier to an MI6 security agent or an inconspicuous lady fighter. Watch Dogs is a series of video games, including three games. It is an action-adventure game, developed and published by renowned game producer Ubisoft. It is the first entry in the series and released in 2014, Watch Dogs 2 of 2016 is the second entry, whereas Watch Dogs: Legion of 2020 is the latest game of the series. The games set in real-life cities of fictionalized versions, such as San Francisco, Chicago, and London.

Watch Dogs Features:

  1. Increase/ Decrease Notoriety
  2. Freeze Drinking Game Timer
  3. Unlimited Health
  4. No Reload
  5. Increase Money
  6. Increase/ Decrease Skill Points
  7. Increase/Decrease Level
  8. Unlimited Focus
  9. Unlimited Battery
  10. Reset Heat
  11. Increase/ Decrease Reputation
  12. Infinite Items
  13. No Radar Signature
  14. Unlimited Ammo
  15. Increase/Decrease XP
  16. Reset Escape Timer
  17. Invisibility
  18. Warp to GPS
  19. Fly Mode
  20. Unlimited Spider Energy
  21. Spider Timer
  22. Freeze Game Timers

Watch Dogs v1.0 + 21 Trainer Key (Last Updated: 2020.10.29)


During the Watch Dogs game, you can take advantage of the following keys:

Key Function
Key Num 1: Infinite Health
Key Num 2: Infinite Ammo
Key Num 3: No Reload
Key Num 4: No Recoil
Key Num 5: Quick Hack Actions Instant Cooldown
Key Num 6: Electro-Shock Trap Instant Cooldown
Key Num 7: Super Speed
Key Num 8: Slow Motion
Key Num 9: Stealth Mode
Key Num 0: One Hit Kill
Key Ctrl + Num 1: Infinite Money
Key Ctrl + Num 2: Infinite Tech Points

Instruction for the trainer of the Watch Dogs game

Follow the below-mentioned instructions whenever you play the game:

  1. Infinite Ammo only works when the player reloads the ammo.
  2. Infinite Money works when the player spends money.
  3. Infinite Tech Points works when the player spend tech points.
  4. In some tutorials, One Hit Kill Note will need to hit your enemy many times. Thus while picking this option, you cannot pass the tutorial. You will have to inactivate it first, and then load the last checkpoint again.

Watch Dogs Game Trainer v1.0 +21