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What Could Be The Next Great Fighting Franchise

The fighting genre has proven over time to be one of the most timeless genres in all of gaming. People have been playing these games ever since they emerged on arcade systems in the late-‘80s and early-‘90s, and in some cases the specific franchises remain largely unchanged. We’re still writing about Tekken, a new Street Fighter game came out in 2016, and it seems as if there will be a new Super Smash Bros. game for every new Nintendo device that ever comes out. And in the meantime, we’ve ever seen the genre become popular on mobile devices, largely thanks to superhero games like Injustice and Marvel: Contest Of Champions.

It may in fact be the case that we already have enough fighting game franchises, and the genre will always be able to subsist with what it’s got. Because fighting games are always so popular though, it’s also fun to speculate about which casts of characters could emerge as the next great franhcise. We have some fun ideas in this regard.

Historical World Leaders

The idea of pitting historical world leaders against each other in a combat scenario might seem completely bizarre if not for some precedent in popular gaming. Thanks to Sid Meier’s Civilization series, however, it actually seems fairly fun and straightforward. The design of world leaders in these games has become a topic of discussion, particularly as newer games have emphasized graphics more, and those leaders have become more vibrant. It would actually be a blast if the folks behind Civilization put out a new type of game, spinning leaders and the appropriate arms and armor into a fighting experience. Who wouldn’t want to pit George Washington against Genghis Khan?

Arthurian Characters

The Knights of the Round Table have inspired countless tales in all different forms – including, in some instances, video games. Throw in some of the villains that have been woven into Arthurian legends, as well as various monsters from the same stories, and you could have a really fun fighting game. In this case there could also be really interesting background levels: a lake with a lady in it who could toss out a bonus sword, the castle of Camelot, and various scenes of the English countryside.

Mythological Gods

The gods of ancient mythology have actually been on a gaming hot streak of late. The “Age of the Gods” slot series online, based on Greek and Roman myths, now boasts eight titles in a series surrounding such characters. The latest “God Of War” game on PlayStation is exploring Norse mythology in intimate detail. And there’s even specifically a fighting game on mobile devices – Gameloft’s Gods Of Rome. But imagine a full-fledged AAA fighter revolving around these same characters and all of their majestic capabilities. This might be the most ready-made concept of the bunch.

Universal’s Monsters

Universal Studios has more or less failed to get a modern film franchise off the ground revolving around its famous monster characters. The Mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf Man, and more are all under Universal’s control, and the idea has been to put together a darker version of the connected universes we see built around comic book superheroes. If the movies won’t work though, a game sure would. These are big, bold, exciting characters around which a beautiful and different kind of fighting game could be built. Let’s hope the studio gives it some thought given that the cinematic projects haven’t gone well!

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