WWE 2K19 Game Trainer V1.0 +13

Try the latest instalment of one of the leading WWE video game franchise with the 2018’s instalment of the series titled WWE 2K19. Place yourself in place of a professional Superstar. The game will display massive timetables of popular WWE Superstars, Hall of Famers, Legends and NXT favourites. Experience a real WWE gameplay with lots of broad creation options, fan-favourite modes, engaging contest types, and many more.

WWE 2K19 is a wrestling video game that developed and published by Yuke’s and 2K Sports, respectively. It originally released for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One worldwide on 9th October 2018. The game is the twentieth instalment in the WWE game series, whereas sixth entry under the WWE 2K banner. Additionally, this game is the successor to the WWE 2K18 and the last WWE game developed by the Yuke’s developer after the eighteen years of experience within the franchise. The sequel game WWE 2K20 released on 22nd October 2019 under the development of Visual Concepts.

WWE 2K19 Features:

  1. Unlimited Health
  2. Infinite Stamina
  3. Unlimited Finishers Moves
  4. Infinite Signature Moves
  5. Unlimited VC
  6. Infinite Style Points
  7. Unlimited Delux Points
  8. Infinite Tokens


WWE 2K19: V1.0 +13 Trainer Key

Please use the following hotkeys to play this game:

Key Function
Key Num 1: Infinite Health
Key Num 2: Infinite Stamina
Key Num 3: Infinite Momentum
Key Num 4: Infinite Finisher Move
Key Num 5: Drain Opponent’s Health
Key Num 6: Drain Opponent’s Stamina
Key Num 7: Drain the Opponent’s Momentum
Key Num 8: Opponents 0 Finisher Move
Key Num 9: Infinite VC
Key Num 0: Infinite Style Points
Key Num . (Dot): Infinite Overcharge Points
Key Num + (Plus): Infinite Tokens
Key Num – (Minus): Infinite Deluxe Tokens
Key Home: Disable All

How to use the trainer of WWE 2K19

Please follow the listed guidelines when you are going to use the WWE 2K19 game trainer:

  1. First of all, make sure that you have the minimum required system to run this trainer.
  2. Second, try the provided trainer one by one as some of them may not work.
  3. Third, extract the content files from the archive.
  4. Disconnect your internet connection before running the trainer.
  5. Next, then run the trainer.
  6. Reconnect your internet connection.
  7. And finally, run the game.
  8. Use the above hotkeys while playing the game.
  9. Enjoy!

WWE 2K19 Game Trainer V1.0 +13