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ZD Soft Screen Recorder 11.1.12 + Keygen [Latest]

ZD Soft Screen Recorder


ZD Soft Screen Recorder is an excellent proficiency computer screen recording software application. It functions in the same way as an actual digital camcorder. A true video camera can record multiple real life stuff which includes display screen, whereas ZD Soft Screen Recorder is able to only record display screen however can perform far better than a true digital camcorder on display screen recording, because software screen recording is crystal-clear, pixel by pixel, 100% accurate coloring duplication, non-interfering, no shaky with zero disturbances. You would need ZD Soft Screen Recorder if you want to record whatever you watch on computer screen, and also the things you hear and/or your narration.

A convenient application for making a how-to video tutorial in no time

If you wish to demonstrate somebody the way to do something on a computer, you don’t have to devote several hours to write down detailed guidelines any longer. Simply start ZD Soft Screen Recorder, do the stuff you wish to demonstrate, everything occurring on monitor is going to be recorded into a video file. Meanwhile you may use your mouse to draw some markups instantly on screen to annotate your procedures, and if there is a microphone attached you might add your narration at the same time. As a final point you can cut the undesirable elements of a recorded video, or connect some separately recorded videos into a single video, and then send or share the video to the ones need help, perfect!

An easy tool for downloading online videos to your hard disk

The web is filled with different types of online videos nowadays. Sometimes you might like to download your selected videos for take a look at any time without a web connectivity. Some sites might offer the capability to download their online videos via their own software applications, yet some might not. Rather than installing a number of programs, there is an all-purpose approach to accomplish that conveniently – utilize ZD Soft Screen Recorder to capture the videos from screen to your storage device, similar to a software VCR.

A great tool for recording online courses/lectures/meetings

Maybe you have encounter such a problem – when you are participating in an online training course/lecture/webinar/conference, you get another important task and have to go away from your personal computer, you may miss the portion you are absent. In case you don’t wish to skip anything while you are away from your pc, or perhaps if you intend to have the ability to review some important online courses/lectures/webinars/meetings later on, you can make use of ZD Soft Screen Recorder to record them to local videos in your hard drive which could be went over anytime and anywhere.

How to Use?

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ZD Soft Screen Recorder | Demo


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